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Matt Maggio, DC
"... The new material is awesome, simple and makes life much easier! Always worth every dollar. ..."
Douglas Kyle, DC, DABCO, ART
"... As a long time provider of ART and Graston I knew I had the best, state of the art techniques out there. Now with Integrative Diagnosis I have a system that makes my treatment more timely, easier on my body, and the results have been amazing. I recommend this course wholeheartedly. ..."
Matt Ellerbrock, DC
"... The changes in my practice over the past 2 years with Integrative Diagnosis are amazing. No other seminar or program (I did a diplomate in rehab) has given my patients the results they get in our office... Patient numbers have always been pretty good in our office, but in a struggling state like Ohio, you really have to continue to bring value to the table. I do feel that my patients are receiving great value, almost solely due to the clinical skills I have gained with Integrative Diagnosis. ..."
Matthew Buffan, DC
"... Functional anatomy in a different stratosphere... Directly applicable to clinical excellence as you can be efficient in determining which adhesion to treat. ..."
Steve Blandford, DC
"... I have learned more in the last two months, as an Integrative Diagnosis online subscriber, than I have in the past 10 years of practice. Thank you. ..."
Kenneth Steffen
"... ... best seminar I've attended... I look forward to future seminars. ..."
Eric Cressey, Hudson, MA
"... I’ve been very fortunate to observe Dr. Brady in multiple capacities. As a manual therapist to whom I have referred clients for treatment, he has consistently achieved outstanding clinical outcomes. As a presenter, he has impressed me with the depth of his knowledge, his enthusiasm for sharing it with others, and his ability to make even the most complex topic understandable. Finally, as a professional colleague and friend, he’s been a tremendous resource to whom I can turn for an informed perspective. ..."
Mike Booth, RMT
"... "I absolutely LOVE Integrative Diagnosis... Your system helped me improve my assessment skills, in turn I have become way more efficient. I am even offering 15 min. treatments... as a massage therapist!" ..."
Eric Cressey, MA, CSCS
"... I highly recommend Dr. Brady’s seminars; they are absolutely fantastic. ..."
Michael Murray, DC
"... I liked it all. I want more. I liked the direct approach that you took to laying out all the information for us. ..."
Pierre DesLauriers, DC
"... A progression of thoughts and tests in an efficient and effective manner leading to a clearer and logical clinical impression/diagnosis. ..."
Robert Silverman, DC
"... This is a seminar that I strongly recommend. Dr. Brady does an outstanding job of taking you through the key parts of palpation... Thanks for this leading edge insight ..."
Michael Murray, DC
"... This seminar increased my palpation skills ten-fold on the first day! They were increased exponentially on the second day! The best part was the seminar pushed us to identify and palpate structures in a brand new way ..."
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