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Matt Maggio, DC
"... The new material is awesome, simple and makes life much easier! Always worth every dollar. ..."
Douglas Kyle, DC, DABCO, ART
"... As a long time provider of ART and Graston I knew I had the best, state of the art techniques out there. Now with Integrative Diagnosis I have a system that makes my treatment more timely, easier on my body, and the results have been amazing. I recommend this course wholeheartedly. ..."
Matt Ellerbrock, DC
"... The changes in my practice over the past 2 years with Integrative Diagnosis are amazing. No other seminar or program (I did a diplomate in rehab) has given my patients the results they get in our office... Patient numbers have always been pretty good in our office, but in a struggling state like Ohio, you really have to continue to bring value to the table. I do feel that my patients are receiving great value, almost solely due to the clinical skills I have gained with Integrative Diagnosis. ..."
Matthew Buffan, DC
"... Functional anatomy in a different stratosphere... Directly applicable to clinical excellence as you can be efficient in determining which adhesion to treat. ..."
Steve Blandford, DC
"... I have learned more in the last two months, as an Integrative Diagnosis online subscriber, than I have in the past 10 years of practice. Thank you. ..."
Kenneth Steffen
"... ... best seminar I've attended... I look forward to future seminars. ..."
Eric Cressey, Hudson, MA
"... I’ve been very fortunate to observe Dr. Brady in multiple capacities. As a manual therapist to whom I have referred clients for treatment, he has consistently achieved outstanding clinical outcomes. As a presenter, he has impressed me with the depth of his knowledge, his enthusiasm for sharing it with others, and his ability to make even the most complex topic understandable. Finally, as a professional colleague and friend, he’s been a tremendous resource to whom I can turn for an informed perspective. ..."
Mike Booth, RMT
"... "I absolutely LOVE Integrative Diagnosis... Your system helped me improve my assessment skills, in turn I have become way more efficient. I am even offering 15 min. treatments... as a massage therapist!" ..."
Eric Cressey, MA, CSCS
"... I highly recommend Dr. Brady’s seminars; they are absolutely fantastic. ..."
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